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Februari 2016

10 februari kl 12.00–14.00

Joachim Ögren - medicin

Seminarium Allvarlig blödning samt sekundärprevention efter stroke och TIA.

10 februari kl 15.00–16.30

Hur kan genusperspektiv komma in i ditt forskningsprojekt?

Seminarium Hur kan genusperspektiv komma in i ditt forskningsprojekt? Erfarenheter från samverkan mellan genusforskare och andra starka forskningsområden vid fakulteten.

11 februari kl 12.15–13.00

Moving from a Topic to a Thesis Statement to a Research Question

Föreläsning A thesis statement can help you to organize your research. A working thesis statement helps to focus the search for information on your topic. That information will help you to determine what research questions need to be addressed. This lecture walks you through the stages of coming up with a topic to what are the research questions.

11 februari kl 12.15–13.00

Vetenskapslunch - Klimatförändring: Farligt att bada i havet?

Föreläsning Klimatförändring: Farligt att bada i havet? Fler biverkningar av mediciner?

11 februari kl 14.00–16.00

Academic Support Walk-in Service

Övrigt Writing tutors are available to answer your writing-related questions. Study skills tutors can talk to you about, e.g., planning and note-taking techniques. Librarians can provide assistance with questions concerning citing and searching for information.

18 februari kl 10.00–16.00

Luftföroreningar, epigenetik och astma-allergi

Seminarium Enheten för yrkes- och miljömedicin och Avdelningen för lungmedicin anordnar ett seminarium med docent Erik Melén vid Karolinska institutet.

18 februari kl 12.15–13.00

Critical Reading

Föreläsning Being a critical reader requires you to tell the difference between fact and opinion and examine the evidence that is being presented in the text. At the same time you also need to be aware of your own assumptions about the text you are reading. This lecture shows you how to take a critical approach to reading.

18 februari kl 14.00–16.00

25 februari kl 12.15–13.00

Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping

Föreläsning Graphic organizers are an effective way to brainstorm, take notes and plan a paper. They can also help you to organize your thinking, which in turn can help you to study more efficiently and effectively. This lecture focuses specifically on mind mapping and concept mapping and shows you how to map and choose the right map for the task.

25 februari kl 14.00–16.00

25 februari kl 14.30–16.00

Theme Equity in Health Seminar Series

Seminarieserie Lack of equity when giving birth and in dying

Mars 2016

3 mars kl 12.00–13.00

Arcum lunchseminarium Mars 2016

Seminarieserie Arcum invites to a lunch seminar on Thursday, March 3, 12.00-13.00 at Universitetsklubben, Umeå University.

3 mars kl 12.15–13.00

Effective Note Taking in Lectures or while Reading

Föreläsning Effective note taking can help you to better understand information from lectures or reading. Good note taking can also help with, for example, focusing on what’s important, remembering information and studying for exams. This lecture explains how to effectively take notes in different settings and make them easier to read.

3 mars kl 12.15–13.00

Vetenskapslunch: Stockholm under vatten. När inser vi allvaret?

Föreläsning Stockholm under vatten. När inser vi allvaret?

3 mars kl 14.00–16.00

10 mars kl 12.15–13.00

Finding Relevant Sources

Föreläsning In an era of information overload, finding the appropriate sources for your paper is a challenge. Developing a good search strategy will save you time. This lecture focuses on search strategies and search tools that make it easier for you to find the relevant sources for your paper.

10 mars kl 14.00–16.00

17 mars kl 12.15–13.00

Evaluating Sources

Föreläsning The status and quality of different sources vary a great deal. Before using a document you need to assess its reliability and credibility. This lecture will show you how to evaluate sources and also explain the difference in academic status between different publications.

17 mars kl 14.00–16.00

18 mars kl 12.00–15.00

Aslak Rautio - medicin

Disputation Diabetes mellitus och kardiovaskulär risk. Epidemiologi, etiologi och intervention.

18 mars kl 13.00–16.00

Gunnar Nilsson - allmänmedicin

Disputation Ischemisk hjärtsjukdom - riskbedömning, diagnostik och sekundärpreventiv behandling i primärvården, speciellt med avseende på betydelsen av arbets-EKG.

31 mars kl 12.15–13.00

Documenting Sources

Föreläsning When you write a paper you need to set up a system for keeping track of the sources you find during your research. Otherwise, you may find yourself scrambling at the deadline trying to remember where a source you used came from. This lecture will show you how databases and programs can help you to document your sources from the start.

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