Master Programmes in Public Health

Take a 1-year or a 2-year master degree in Public Health from the Umeå International School of Public Health.

Our two-year Master Programme in Public Health is the best in Sweden. It was, during 2012, the only two-year programme in public health that received the highest grade by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education – “very high quality”. The one-year programme is relatively new. It builds on the two-year programme for which the first year courses are the same as in the one year programme.

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There are many scholarships available for non-European students.

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No tuition fees for applicants from EU/EAA countries and Switzerland!

We offer both a one year (60 credits) and a two year (120 credits) master programme in public health. The first year in the two year programme is the same as the one year programme. This means that a student admitted to the one year programme can apply for taking the second year of the two year programme, and thereby getting the two year degree. A student admitted into the two year programme also has the option to finish after one year with the one year degree.

Our programmes include a number of courses on global health conditions, on health systems analysis, on the relations between social conditions and health and on the methods that you need to carry out public health work (see “Programme content”). Through this our programmes provide public health practitioners and researchers with the skills required to understand, and ultimately help improve and maintain the health status of the population.

By nature, Public Health is multidisciplinary, drawing on social sciences and medicine, using qualitative and quantitative methods to identify and assess specific health risks before designing and implementing effective public health strategies. Traditionally drawing on the fields of microbiology, entomology, parasitology and the management and control of infectious diseases, in today's globalised world we are increasingly facing new public health challenges involving causation and prevention of chronic diseases.

Modern public health strives for the equitable distribution of health, health determinants and health service provision, whilst bearing in mind broader issues concerning gender, ethnicity, age and economic status. Demands for effective resource management also make the study of health systems including health economics an important focus in public health training.

While specific health challenges vary around the world, many public health principles and methods can be applied across these different contexts. Since its inception in 1991, the programme has attracted students from more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe (including Sweden) and North and South America. This global recruitment has become an important influence on our teaching and research, with Swedish and international public health professionals learning from one another.

The programmes are designed for those already working as, or planning to become, public health practitioners, as well as for those seeking a career within public health research.

The programmes lead to the "Degree of Master of Science (60/120 credits). Main field of study: Public Health".

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