Epidemiology and Global Health

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Welcome to the Epidemiology and Global Health Unit!

The Epidemiology and Global Health Unit is an international, multidisciplinary research and teaching environment located within Umeå University’s Faculty of Medicine. Founded in 1986, we now have around 80 people from all over the world working in the Unit, with a shared mission to contribute to equitable and sustainable improvements in health and welfare across the globe.

Our research training focuses on health problems and possible solutions in settings throughout the world. Much of this internationally recognised work is conducted in collaboration with other world class research institutions; we also have over 40 PhD students from 20 countries who are undergoing research training in both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Our Masters degree programmes in public health and health economics recruit widely: from Sweden, from elsewhere in Europe, and from countries in all other continents of the world. Courses are taught in English, and they cover a range of topics, including epidemiology, social pathways in health and health promotion, health systems, and evaluation in public health.

Our engagement with society aims to contribute to the development and implementation of evidence-informed health policy and practice. For this, we work closely with a diverse range of stakeholders on a variety of short- and long-term research and educational activities, including the county authorities here in Västerbotten, Sweden; EU and UN agencies; provincial and national authorities all over the world; and also together with ordinary citizens and communities.

News from Epidemiology and Global Health

Warmer climate can give Europe dengue fever

Large parts of Europe can suffer from the dreaded dengue fever unless climate change is attenuated. This is what Jing Helmersson shows in a new dissertation at Umeå University. It is the mosquito that...

Tenure track positions in Infection biology and Cancer research at WCMM

Tenure track research positions as Assistant Professor (Associate Senior Lecturer) at WCMM are now open for application. In these announcements, the Centre is looking for outstanding researchers – Wal...

Social capital is an important factor for the well-being among Ukrainians

Before the current Ukrainian military conflict began in 2014, social capital was characterized as comparably low and unequally distributed among different groups in the Ukrainian society. However, due...

Umeå University and KI researchers publish journal articles on mobile health

In a special issue of the journal Global Health Action, researchers at Umeå University and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden explore how mobile health (mHealth) can increase the readiness of healthcare ...

Education campaigns needed to mitigate indoor air pollution in slum households

A study of air pollution levels in Kenyan slum households show that levels are especially high in homes using wood and kerosene as cooking fuels. But despite the high levels of harmful fine particles ...

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