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[2014-06-18] Fernström Prize for public health research in low- and middle-income countries

Epidemiology and Global Health - Annual report 2013

Youtube: From public to planetary health: a manifesto

[2014-04-07] Swedish researchers map the risks of new virus epidemic in Europe

2014-03-11 Researchers want to launch a global public health movement

Lunch seminar with authors from UN´s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Guest blog by Peter Byass at BMC Blog - "Verbal autopsy: To be counted is to become visible"

[2013-11-12] Ambiguous results in screening for celiac disease among young people

Annual report from Epidemiology and Global Health

[2013-10-23] Self-rated health puts aging and health needs on the agenda

2013-10-09 Radio Sweden: Gluten intolerance on the rise in Sweden

Barbara Schumann won a poster prize at the annual conference of the German Society for Epidemiology (DGEpi), Leipzig, Germany – 27 September 2013

[2013-10-08] Abortion of female fetuses and more death among girls result in poor girl child survival in India

Prof Peter Byass on Verbal Autopsy from Swedish TV News Aktuellt (131003)

2013-06-14  Call for commitment to global health in The Lancet

2013-04-29 Warning system predicts outbreaks of dengue fever

2013-02-18  Modifying infant’s diet may reduce celiac disease risk

2013-02-05  Collective action as strategy to prevent disease among poor people

[2012-12-21] New scholarships for master's in public health programme students

[2012-11-21] Tracing high levels of lead in children of the Peruvian Amazonas

[2012-11-05] Umeå University hosts new WHO Collaborating Centre

[2012-06-27]  Highest marks for public health

[2012-06-05] Climate change is an urgent public health concern

[2011-09-19] Umeå University launches global study on Dengue fever

[2011-07-27] First global estimates of coeliac disease and its mortality burden

[2011-04-06] International students rank Umeå University #2 in Sweden and #4 in Europe

 [2011-02-09] Umeå scientist in The Lancet: Time for action to cope with the rise of chronic non-communicable diseases in Southeast Asia

Copenhagen Climate Conference Special

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