Presentation Occupational and environmental medicine

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine unit is the amalgamation of the Institute of Occupational Medicine and the Institute of Environmental Medicine. The integration of the institutes was a natural decision because many of the risk factors, such as vehicle exhaust gases, dust and metals, arise in both the occupational and general environment. Research in occupational medicine is driven in close collaboration with Arbets- och beteendemedicinskt centrum, the Centre for Work and Behavioural Medicine at Norrlands University Hospital. We also have close collaboration within the northern region of Sweden with, amongst others, the Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Sundsvall Hospital and Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall.

We work nationally and internationally with occupational and environmental institutes both through collaborative projects and as partners in larger projects, such as those financed by the EU. The results of our comprehensive contact network and collaborations is demonstrated by our list of publications.

In addition to our research and teaching we help Swedish and international bodies in the development of summary documents, impact assessments and limit values etc.

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