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Umeå University researchers help Europe fight spread of Zika virus

Researchers at Umeå University in Sweden help assess the risk that Zika will spread to Europe by describing the transmission season, areas at risk and intervention strategies. By using previous knowledge on Dengue, they are now strategizing on how Zika can be controlled.

30 years of internationalisation

The unit of Epidemiology and Global Health at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine recently kicked-off its 30th anniversary celebrations with lectures at Umeå University's event Kunskapsnoden at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

Improved chances of diagnosing hereditary disease

New insights in hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis (ATTR) improve the chances of diagnosing the genetic disease using ECG and ultrasound. In a new doctoral dissertation by Sandra Arvidsson at Umeå University, an explanation to the varying symptoms in patients with ATTR is explored. Of particular i...

Major increase in applications to international master’s programmes

The number of applicants for international master’s programmes at Umeå University starting in autumn 2016 have dramatically increased by 67% in this year’s application round, to 7,700 students. This is according to the latest statistics from the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR).

Psoriasis patients have reduced access to efficient treatment method with age

A new study from Umeå University shows that age plays a huge role when it comes to patients’ access to psoriasis treatment. Researchers who have examined if patients of varying ages have the same access to the most efficient psoriasis treatment, found that an age increase of 30 years resulted in an ...

Increased childbirth at Indian health facilities led to no matching reduction in maternal deaths

To reduce maternal and neo-natal deaths, India launched a cash transfer programme in 2005 that provides monetary incentives for women to give birth in health facilities instead of at home. While the programme successfully increased the use of health facilities for child birth, it did not reduce mate...

South Africa’s child mortality reduction deemed ‘a successful failure’

As the 25-year period for the UN Millennium Development Goals concludes on 31 December, to be replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals, a deeper analysis of factors outside defined goals is necessary to learn why some countries failed. This is an argument presented by researchers at Umeå Univer...

Ultrasound examinations can identify patients at risk of stroke

Ultrasound, a non-invasive technique commonly used to study the presence of atherosclerosis disease in blood vessels, can be used to identify patients at increased risk of future stroke who could benefit from surgery. Since surgical treatment to prevent stroke is only considered beneficial to some, ...

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