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Swedish researchers map the risks of new virus epidemic in Europe

The risk of dengue fever beginning to spread in Europe is imminent. According to researchers from Umeå University, this is no longer just an issue for the scientific community but also for politicians and policy makers, who need to be prepared and develop preventive measures.

Researchers want to launch a global public health movement

We need a global movement of researchers, specialists, politicians and civil servants to meet the needs of public health initiatives that are present at various levels of society. This is the opinion of a group of researchers in a manifesto published in the journal The Lancet.

BioMed Central: Verbal autopsy - to be counted is to become visible

Peter Byass, Professor of Global Health and Director of the Umeå Centre for Global Health Research, is guest blogging about verbal autopsy at BioMed Central, an STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher of 257 peer-reviewed open access journals.

Climate changes give a varied spread of malaria

Ongoing global climate changes are likely to increase the problems of malaria in highland areas of Africa, Asia and South America. However, it is not clear that the total spread will lead to more people being affected. This according to a study from Umeå University that was published in the PNAS jou...

Ambiguous results in screening for celiac disease among young people

Most children who undergo screening to detect gluten intolerance, celiac disease, can handle it well. However, many people feel that the discovery of the disease and the treatment they receive does not provide a better quality of life. Katrina Nordyke will address this topic as she defends her thesi...

Inaugural reception for Umeå University international scholarship recipients

The first reception event for international scholarship recipients at Umeå University was held on Monday 14 October at the scenic Umeå Arts Campus.

Self-rated health puts aging and health needs on the agenda

Implementation of national surveys where the population can estimate and assess their own health may give policy makers important insights into the different health interventions that should be implemented. According Siddhivinayak Hirve, PhD student at Umeå University, this may include a simple tool...

Radio Sweden: Gluten intolerance on the rise in Sweden

Swedes rank among the most gluten intolerant people in the world, and new research shows that almost five times as many children are diagnosed with the allergy today than 20 years ago, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports. "About half of all Swedes have the genetic prerequisites for celiac disease,"...

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